The uses of Tactical Knives

When one is talking about knives, it may mean a lot. It could be a knife used in the kitchen or restaurants, in the hospitals, in combat or outdoor activities. There are also people who have skills in using their knife, especially the chefs, doctors and knife throwers. A knife may hurt anybody, so it must be handled with care and you must use it properly.  Technically, knives are tools or equipment that comes in various designs, sizes, sharpness, blades and handles.

One of the type of knives that is used for various purposes is the tactical knife. This knife usually features military functions. This only means that a tactical knife may be used to injure or hurt anybody at a very near distance at a dangerous and intense situation. Many people are thinking that tactical knives are also weapons. But, that is not actually the purpose of a tactical knife because it is meant to be a utility tool.


Essential Parts of a tactical knife

To know more about tactical knives, let us look at its essential parts.

  • Blade

The blade of a tactical knife is important because this will prove the reliability of a knife. It is better to have a blade made out steel material. When it comes to blades, it is essential for it not to rust because you may use it in any weather condition. A rust-resistant blade will be very helpful to you, especially when you use the knife on your outdoors activities.

  • Handle

The handle is also an important part of the tactical knife because it has something to do with the steadiness of your gripping. It is important for the handle to have a non-slip design and material. You must make sure that when gripping the handle, it can absorb your hand’s moisture. You may choose leather, stainless steel and plastic materials. Failure to have this important feature might fail your skill in using a knife, especially in an extreme situation.

  • Size

When it comes to the size of your tactical knife, it is not necessary to be long. An 8 or 9-inch tactical knife is good enough. If possible, it must just fit in your pocket or pouch of your bag. The tactical knife is usually kept, where you can easily grab it in case of emergency.

  • Fitting

The comfort of using the knife is also important. It must fit well in your hands. You must feel comfortable enough when using it. And then, it must not weigh too much because it is usually small in size. It is also designed with lightweight materials, but it must be strong enough to handle different situations. It is not necessary for the tactical knife to have groovy or curvy designs.

  • Carrying

How would you like to carry your knife? You can choose folded tactical knives or the ones with fixed blades. You can always choose if you would like some clips on it or simply sheaths.

Uses of a Tactical Knife

Having a tactical knife can be very helpful to whoever is using it because it is designed for various purposes and that depends on your needs.

Outdoor Activities

Many people prefer to use tactical knives when they are out for their fishing, hunting and camping activities. They find a fixed or folded tactical knife more convenient to use and carry. One thing that these people consider is the stainless steel material that is used in a tactical knife. People who enjoy outdoor activities stay outside in a rain or shine situation. So, a tactical knife is very useful and sturdy knife that meets their needs and works fine for them.

When these people are out in the field or the mountains, they can use the tactical knife to cut down bushes, grasses and even branches. This is also a good knife for preparing food. And then, if you feel danger, then you may use this knife to defend yourself.

Emergency Cases

If you are working as a military or police officer, then it is fine to bring a tactical knife with you because there are cases, where it is needed in your job. It is also a good tool to carry for self-defence every day, especially if you always go home late at night and if you are just staying home alone.

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