The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Reviews

Personal Experience:

I must admit that I have tried various toddler travel beds before, and I think they are ok for a good sleepover with the kids at home. But me and my husband gto frustrated when we do our travels with the kids. Those past travel beds take up too much time to set up and we spent about almost twenty minutes just to pump them up manually. Eventually, we did not bring them with us anymore and now they are just in the storage eating dusts.

Since we constantly travel, we came across The Shrunk Tuckaire Toddler bed, which comes with a portable air electric pump that inflates the bed fast and even deflates it as well.

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Reviews


It only takes 3 minutes to pump the bed fully making it really convenient for us. There are 2 parts of the bed, the central area where the kids sleep. The central part is covered with thick, soft fabric that makes it comfortably warm to sleep at night. While the outer part is the one that provides the railing that keeps your child securely tucked inside the bed and prevent him/her to fall off the bed. Both parts need to be inflated separately.

The bed surface is ideal for kids 2-6 yrs old and gives a great bed size for toddlers. When you are storing it, you can tuck the deflated bed into the drawstring bag that is provided for easy storage and you can easily place them in the trunk of the car.

Another cool feature I love about this bed is that it makes It possible to tuck the sheets around the bed to firmly secure your child at night.

So that’s just about my personal review of The Shrunk Tuckaire Toddler bed. Now below is a review of the shrunks toddler travel bed reviews.

Shrunks Indoor Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed Review

Advantage: Perfect for bigger toddlers and preschool kids; Lightweight and portable

Disadvantage: Must be inflated. The pump does not fit the bag or does not have any space to accommodate it.

This travel bed is perfect for toddler who outgrew their travel cribs & is in need of of portable, compact travel bed. It is only about 7 pounds in weight and you can fold it in the bag making it very convenient for traveling on the road fast.

This bed is ideal for families that travels a lot and just wants to give their child comfort even on the road. It is great for camping, fishing, visiting relatives or just having a vacation. Perfect for kids who are not ready for their own bed but is too big for their cot or cribs.

Rate of How Easy it is to Use: 2 out of 5

Like any other inflatable bed, this one needs to be inflated before you can use it. When you purchase one, you will be provided with a handy pump and it will take a few minutes to set it up fully. The air pump can also help in deflating. When it comes to accidents, stains or spills, cleaning is a breeze.

How portable it is: 4 out of 5

It is about 7.7 pounds when you totally deflate it. Compactly folds and fits perfectly into the carrying bag that is included. When filled with air, the lightweight bed can be moved easily from places. The pump however does not fit into bag and you have to carry it separately.

Just how comfortable it is: 3 out of 5

It is fairly comfortable and does not produce any annoying sound like rubber rubbing when your child moves. The unique Sheet tuck system allows you to tuck the sheet easily on the mattress and helps your child fit snugly and secured in the center of the bed. Also because of this feature you care sure that your child will stay cozy and warm all night long.

Age Range: 4 out of 5

This bed is not ideal for kids below 2 years old but is perfect for 2 years old to 6 years old. I can support the weight of up to 68 kilogramss with a surface area of 37″x 60″ (w x h).

Product Safety : 5 out of 5

The height from the ground is just perfect. It is just enough and just incase the child falls off the bed, it won’t hurt him. This bed also has side ridges that helps confine the child in the center of the bed and secure him/her. Aside from that the materials used are phthalate safe, BPA safe and Lead free.

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