The good ukulele for beginners

Right now, Ukulele is one of the trendiest string instruments on demand out there in the market. And if you are thinking on buying one now, there are certain things you need to know before heading to your local music store or buying one online. Like you, I wanted to equip myself with the knowledge of what is best for me. So here I will help walk you through the world of Ukulele.

Before going some details, I will tell you something about my personal experience with this wonderful instrument. I was 15 years old when I first spotted a ukulele from a local music store. And by that time alone, I knew I wanted that one. I can’t remember the model or the name but I am certain it is made by Samick. Anyways, I will share with you this so that you won’t commit the same mistakes I did back then cause even though that first ukulele will always have a special place in my heart, I really would no have chosen that Ukulele if I have known before what I know now. Come to think of it, I really felt stupid for choosing that Ukulele for my first instrument. Hopefully by sharing this experience and knowledge, you will have a better experience than me in regards to your first ukulele.

The best ukulele for beginners


Different Basic Types of Ukulele

Listed below are the 4 basic types of Ukulele with its short description.

  1. The Soprano: The Soprano has a total length of about 21 inches. It’s tuning are ADF#B and GDEA. The number of frets are 12 to 15
  2. The Concert: The Concert Ukulele has a total length of about 23 inches. It’s tuning are GCEA and the number of frets are 15 to
  3. The Tenor: The Tenor Ukulele has a total length of about 26 inches. Its tuning are GCEA and DGBE while the number of frets are about more than 15.
  4. The Baritone: The Baritone Ukulele has a total length of about 30 inches. Its tuning are DGBE and its frets are about more than 30.


For beginners, I am strongly advising you to not use the last two Ukuleles which are the Baritone and the Tenor and just opt for the Concert or the Suprano type of Ukulele. Although the Baritone as well as the Tenor Ukulele works well and does its job well, it is really not suited for amateurs simply because they have deeper, fuller and much richer tone. What you might be looking for that sounds like the typical ordinary ukulele tone that is most common is just not in this kind of ukulele.

So now let us just focus on the first 2 types, the Concert and the Soprano ukulele. Kala and the Lanikai brands are the best brands that are the good ukulele for beginners. It is for the best to first see just what kind of a beginner player you are before we dive into the price range and the models. To clarify, are you an all out amateur in all kinds of string instruments? Like, have you never played guitar, bass guitar, mandolin or banjo? I’m asking cause we need to consider your base of experience.

The best ukulele for beginners


Concert Ukulele (the best Ukulele for Beginners with a little background with sting instruments)

In my case, my first string instrument is the guitar. I have been playing it since I was just four years old before I have decided to switch to ukuleles. As a matter of fact, I am not the only guitar player that transitioned from being a guitar player to a ukulele player. There are many, many players who switched cause they are enticed to give it a try from playing the guitar, the bass or the mandolin to playing ukulele. So it that description fits you like me, you need to go for a Concert type of ukulele. Although there are many adjustments that you need to get used to, still there are plenty of fretboards for your fingers to move if you are used on a much bigger spaces. Even I, still have some problems getting used to with that Soprano when it comes to this. Another thing, the Concert ukulele also presents much bigger tension on the strings, so it is much harder to be out of tune. When it comes to the budget, the price of the Concert will not appeal to you more cause of the hefty price tag. Although both the Kala and Lanikai brand are great for beginners, both are priced around $100.
Soprano Ukulele (the Best Ukulele for Beginners with no experience with any string instruments)

So if you have never played any string instruments at all, then this is the perfect ukulele for you. This is so much cheaper and is priced around $50 to $75 dollars and can be perfect for people with small fingers or for little kids. A good option would be the Kala KA-S or the Lanikai LU- 21, both are perfect for beginners.
I hope this will help you pick the best ukulele for you.

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