Experiencing the best outdoor activities and leisure time

Outdoor Activities and Leisure Time

You are not a machine, so you do not work continuously. When you are working, you always use your brain and skills, so that makes you feel tired and stressed. Now, what will you do to lessen that stress and to free your mind from all those workloads? Working too much is not always a good hobby even if you wanted to because you have a financial obligation and responsibility. You also need some time to relax and have fun. In such way, you can have much energy again and a more inspired day to go back to work.

best outdoor activities and leisure time

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When you plan for an outdoor activity with your friends or family members, you have to make sure that everything is set. Start your list with the budget. You do not really need to have a luxurious activity to relax. Just make sure that you are going to stretch the money that you have. Bringing your family members out might cost some money, but learn to manage it well. Next, you have to decide where to go or what to do. When you have kids, it is good to go out and spend quality time with them in the park. There are parks where you do not need to pay for a space that you will occupy, so why not do your activities there. Your kids can play some ball games, you can bring healthy foods to eat and there are even parks where you can cook some food. Those are already great ways of spending your leisure time with your family.

If you are going to think about this picnic in the park, you still need some things to bring, such as, tools that can be useful on your food preparation or cooking. One of the tools that you must not miss to carry in your basket is the Fallkniven knife because this knife is multi-purpose. You can do many things with a Fallkniven knife, such as, slicing fruits, pork and chicken. If you can go to a park where you are allowed to make fire for cooking, then you can use your Fallkniven knife to cut the woods. If you are going to imagine this outdoor activity, you will surely have much fun with your family or friends.

So, do not forget to bring a Fallkniven knife with you and make sure that you are going to keep your Fallkniven knife with its protective sheath to avoid hurting any member of your family.

The difference: Fallkniven f1 vs s1

Now that you already have a plan of spending your leisure time and enjoying outdoor activities with your family or friends, have you prepared the right Fallkniven knife to use? If you haven’t bought a Fallkniven knife for your picnic in the park, then it will be a good idea for you to read and understand the difference between a Fallkniven F1 and a Fallkniven S1. This comparison will be very helpful, so that you can easily choose one.

best outdoor activities and leisure time


The blade length of the Fallkniven F1 is 3.8 inches or 97 mm long, while the S1 measures 5.1 inches or 130 mm. The total length of the Fallkniven F1 is 8.3 inches or 210 mm and for the S1, it is 9.7 inches or 247 mm. The thickness of the blade of a Fallkniven F1 has 0.18 inches or 4.5 mm, while an S1 is 0.2 inches or 5 mm. When it comes to the tang, Fallkniven F1 has a broad and a protruding tang and an S1 has a full tang that is also protruding. The type of steel material used in the construction of a Fallkniven F1 and S1 is the Lam. VG10. For the hardness, both the F1 and S1, used the 59 HRC material. The weight of the Fallkniven F1 weighs 6 oz. or 150 grams, while the FallknivenS1 is 6.7 oz. or 190 grams. When it comes to the material used in the grip of the Fallkniven knife, both the Fallkniven F1 and the S1 used the Thermorun material.

There goes the difference between the Fallkniven F1 and S1. Have you decided what knife to buy for your outdoor activities? You better grab one soon and enjoy your day out.

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