Best Cot for Camping 2016

People now a days are too hooked with technology and modern living but they sometimes feel that they are doing the same routine over and over again making life dull and lifeless. So, to get out of that route, some people go outdoors and try to soak up mother nature. They do most of these through mountain climbing, rock climbing, swimming or camping.

People who did this said that camping is one of the best thing they did for themselves, most especially if you have a family. Through camping, campers learn a lot about nature and learn about survival without much help from modern tech. Campers became more joyous and lively after their long camping trip.

Best Cot for Camping


But all of these will only be possible if you have the right equipments with you. I have heard lots of campers who did not research before heading out the woods and end up more frustrated than ever. They said that they wake up too sore and tired cause they did not get a good sleep. They did not research on what to buy and just purchased a sleeping bag instead of a cot. So they complain that the ground is too hard, cold and some insects crawl on them while sleeping.

I am here to save you from that nightmare. Here I will share to you one of the basic essentials while camping. Some said that food is the most important thing to bring while camping, but I said it is sleep that we need more than food. So with that in mind, let me share to you first what is a camping cot and what are its benefits

A camping cot is a portable elevated and foldable bed that you can bring with you in a camping trip. It is elevated meaning it keeps you off the ground. There are many kinds of cots out there and you need to know which one will suit you best before purchasing one. Some cots are cheap, some are lighter, some are heavier, some are more expensive and some are even a hybrid between a cot and a tent. Before I show them to you, I will just give you some pointers on what to consider before buying a camping cot

First thing you should consider is how comfortable is it. Like I said, sleep is really important when camping. Don’t let cold temperature, rocky ground and insects stop you from having a good sleep. But you need to remember that the more comfortable it is – the heavier it is and the pricier it gets which leads us to the next thing to consider which is your budget. Some camping cots have foams, mattress and pouches as well as they can be a hybrid of a tent and a cot. So knowing your budget will help you narrow down some choices. If you really want the best and most comfortable be prepared for a hefty price.

Another thing to consider is how heavy it is, I mentioned earlier that some cots are heavier cause of the materials used making it harder to transport. Portability will be affected when you choose a bigger, heavier and more comfortable cot. So if you can afford it, just make sure that you have someone to carry it for you or someone will carry your supplies while you carry your cot.

Third thing to consider is the size. Sizes matters especially if you are a tall and huge man like me and I don’t fit in to regular standard sized length of a cot which is 25” width by 75” length. So make sure to pick the size that fits you best.

Best Cot for Camping


Fourth thing to consider is how long will you be using it. Will you be using it for just a one time or short time; or will you be using it for many many times. I asked this, cause some cots may be affordable but their materials will not last that long.

Here are the Pros of using a Camping cot

  • Elevated off the ground. This will keep you from crawling insects or critters
  • Perfect for keeping bugs away
  • temperature is controlled cause it will keep you off the cold ground
  • More comfortable to sleep in especially if you are going to camp on a rocky place

Cons of Using a Camping Cot

  • Does not guarantee temperature insulation
  • some sag at the middle making moving on top of the cot while sleeping difficult
  • Hard to carry or transport for some cots that are too heavy

Now I will share what I think is the Best Cot for Camping based on my experience

  • Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot

I chose this cause of its size and comfort. It’s size is as big as a twin sized bed which fits me well and gives me enough room to move around. I also love the pouches it has on its side where I keep my keys, phone, flashlights , water bottle and other small items close by. It can carry a camper with a weight of up to 400 pounds. Another thing I love about it is that it is very easy to set up and fold up. It only takes me a few seconds to do that. The only thing I don’t like about this is that it is a bit heavy, making it hard to transport. Fpr me still this is the best cot for camping.

  • Coleman Pack- Away Cot with Side table

I have this cot for my wife. She loves it cause of its durability, support and function. She especially love the side table which is removable where she places her beloved cup of coffee while reading her favorite novel. Coleman surely did a marvelous job with this camping cot, cause it does the job well and is really durable yet affordable.

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