Discover the Traditional Lunar New Year Holidays the Vietnam

Melodious with the Vietnamese cultural history and geographical climate The Vietnam Lunar New Year, Tết Nguyên Đán is a traditional new year celebrated by the arrival of spring based on the lunar calendar along with distinctive Vietnamese rituals.

Lunar New Year Holidays the Vietnam

Celebration period of Lunar New Year

Late January and early February is the estimated time of rejoicing Lunar New Year Festival hence it is the most important holidays in Vietnam. Nearly a whole month includes the 1st, 2nd and 3rd day in Lunar Calendar, Vietnamese people have fun in the festival.

The ancient story behind of the tradition

Connected to the Chinese corresponding custom the animal symbol is the basic feature of Vietnam’s lunar years as drawing of different animal are found in the decorations of homes, buildings and ancestral tables.

The ancient story is about marriage of a couple Trong Cao and Thi Nhi who endured childless after passing long time together.  Because of the family pressure and to maintain social tradition Trong Cao compelled to evict his wife from his life. After a few time his wife remarried to a man named Pham Lang.


Apparently Trong Cao comprehended his mistake and felt an impulse to meet former wife. But he became poor because of the long way back journey which he started to meet his wife. However destiny reunited him with his wife. But in the time of discussion suddenly Thi Nhi’s new husband came back home and she told him to hide in a pile of straw. Alas! Pham Lang kindled the fire in the pile of straw for making fertilizer.

But Trong Cao was burnt because of the fire and eventually dead and in the meantime his wife jumped on the fire. They were both burnt in front of the eyes of Pham Lang.  As heard of the story the Jade Emperor declared them as Pham Lang, the Deity of Kitche, Trong Cao, the Deity of Land and House and Thi Nhi as the Deity of Market.  It is believed that they all were keeping an eye over of mortals’ for the well-being homes and property on Earth. After that they were returning Heavens on the 23rd day of the final lunar month.

Present age forms of festivity

Afterward a cold and harsh winter when spring comes and brings the thriving trees and flowers then Vietnamese celebrate the festival to show that how they are grateful by the gift of God.  Despite that new dress, friends and families are gathered in the house during the festival to farewell the previous year. Cleaning the house and adorned with plenty of accessories is the basic tradition which is performed in the every house in the New Year’s Day Chung cake, Day cake, pork bologna, pickled onion, candied fruits and seeds are prepared for the celebration of the year. In Vietnam who visits the house at first in the lunar year becomes the auspicious person. It is a myth that this person bring good luck for the family.

Basically Lunar New Year celebration is a biggest celebration for Vietnamese people.

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Guide tourist central Vietnam in two days

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There are so many tour guides who can give you the best experience when it comes to touring the central part of Vietnam. The English speaking guides can give you a quality tour with the best services. There are interesting places that you must visit the central part of Vietnam. They have Danang, Mui Ne Beach, Dalat, Nha Trang, Hoi An and Hue. These are the top most visited places that you must book when planning a tour in the Central part of Vietnam. In these places, you can witness the architecture and the natural beauty of the tourist spots.

If you are given a tour in the central part of Vietnam for 2 days, time won’t be enough to visit them all. One of the places that you must not miss to visit is the Hue City where you can have a look at the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam. Here, you can roam around by bus and by boat at a very affordable tours.

On the first day of your tour, it will be best to have a close look at the Hue City for you to feel and embrace the colorful history of Hue City. In the morning, you may visit the historical and famous tombs in Hue. You will spend some time touring the Minh Mang Tomb, at the Khai Dinh Tomb and at the Tu Duc Tomb. After visiting the tombs, you may also have the chance to visit some some famous villages, such as the Conical Hat Making Village and the Incense Making Village. Before ending your morning tour, experience something good with the Kinh Van An Martial Art.

In the afternoon, you will still be around the Hue City. Visit the most wonderful landscapes and architecture of the Hue Citadel and enjoy boat riding along the Perfume River and explore the fishing villages. It is also a chance to visit the Thien Mu Pagoda. That’s the end of your tour for day 1.

The good choice is book Hue tours from reputable travel company. You will discover the most wonderful destinations here.

On your second day is a different kind of traveling experience because in the morning you may go to the Dong Ha Town for a good meal at breakfast at Dong Ha Town and then you will proceed to the Keh Sanh Marine Base to visit the Rock Pile, which has played an important role during the Vietnam Wars. Next, you will go to the Ho Chi Minh Trail for a walk on the bridge. Before ending the first half of the tour, you can also visit the site of the US base where you can see an exhibition of a crashed airplane, helicopters, artillery shells, gun and a bunker. This small museum is a good spot for embracing the history and Vietnam Wars because of the weaponry that was recovered and stored here. Read More

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The best outfit for the family while traveling to tropical countries

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Traveling to tropical countries

When you are going out of town or out of the country for a holiday trip, you always plan the best time to go and you always plan where. And most of the time travelers choose the tropical countries in Asia, especially during summer season. It is always the time where many travelers and bag packers come to Asia, especially in the southeastern part of Asia where tropical countries or regions are located. And the Southeastern part of Asia is the most traveled and visited places like Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.


If you and your family are out for a trip in Asia, especially if you already planned to visit Vietnam, then you have to choose and prepare the outfit or the suit that best fits the place. Vietnam is in a tropical region, which means that the climate is warm or sunny during the day and it is also humid and cold during the night. In tropical regions around the world, you have to make sure that you will feel comfort when it comes to your clothing, so that your outfit will not make you feel uneasy moving and so that you will feel the convenience for your travel, you will then enjoy your trip.

Mekong Delta

In the country of Vietnam, the Mekong delta is famous and many travelers from neighboring provinces and foreign countries come and visit. Mekong Delta has the famous floating market in Vietnam, and you will surely enjoy the ride, shopping and the native delicacies of the place. If you are planning choose a the Mekong Delta tour, then make sure to arrive early because it will be too sunny when you come later. It will be good then wearing clothes in long sleeves to avoid sunburns, but make sure that you will feel comfortable with your attire.

But because it is always warm and humid in tropical countries like Vietnam, do not wear clothes that are too thick. Soft and cotton fabrics are good so that you will not feel so hot, especially if you are coming from countries where the climate is always cold. When you are traveling with your kids, wearing T-shirts or sleeveless shirts and short pants is best for them, so that the kids will not easily sweat. If possible, put on your caps or use umbrellas for protection from the sun. Parents always know what to wear and anything comfortable is good, just make yourself simple, put on your jeans and shirts for a comfortable trip. Read More

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Visit Vietnam Tet holidays (1-1 Lunar-Calendar)

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Tet could be the National holiday in Vietnam and it’s also really a family celebration. At that time, folks travel back to the place where they were born or perhaps where their family lives or arises from. The two or a few days before Tet it could be very difficult to get transport as numerous Vietnamese are travelling during those times. (Same thing takes place in China as Oriental New Year and Tet coincide and also both involve travels to see families.) Even getting directly into VN during that time may be difficult as much overseas Vietnamese elects to return for Tet while they can meet their entire family concurrently.

However, this festival includes a catch. The week before Tet and the week after is as hectic as holiday vacation and takes some serious planning to access any destination. Local airlines such since Vietnam Airlines will increase hundreds of flights as a result of increased traffic but we all still recommend booking since possible. Buses and trains will probably be packed to the hilt since workers head home for your holiday. Keeping with the style of supply and demand, prices will rise up to 30 percent for travel.

The days after Tet are usually quieter. One problem to get a traveler can be navigating around. I live in Hue and possess regular taxi and routine drivers but starting per day or two before Tet neither works for approximately five days. Many restaurants and several hotels close because their particular staff have gone “home to my countryside” for your holiday. Comments above are correct – there are numerous things to see. The best is the flower areas that operate for about several weeks before Tet but close on Tet Eve. What the sight of vans and cycles carrying plants completely bloom all over community is something I enjoy every year.

The weeks before and also, during Tet do see greater prices. Those hotels and eating places that remain open can charge what they choose. Lots of the little street stalls close during this time period and the markets, although operating, usually have much fewer stalls and operate regarding shorter hours. So it could be enjoyable if you can easily prop somewhere central and walk around to find out the sights.

The major cities are quieter during this time period so getting around may be easier. But to be actually involved is difficult until you have lots of Vietnamese friends that will invite you to visit their loved ones. Luckily, if you have the ability to make to your vacation spot, you will most likely locate a room as most Vietnamese will always be with family. However, you might pay an increased rate as hotels must pay their staff much more for the holiday. Read More

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